Lilias Morrison, OBX Broker & Builder

LJM arrived on the OBX a generation ago – When there were three restaurants and two grocery stores! She lead development and sales for Sanderling and Palmer’s Island, for many years, Ms. Morrison also became a building contractor – in response to demand for good design and quality construction, especially on the North Beaches.


CLIENT AGENDA has always driven Ms. Morrison’s endeavors to find, examine and determine exactly the right investment for each. Over the years, she has honed her skills in finding quality investments, assessing aspects of value and negotiating the best prices. Those principles have paid off for her many satisfied clients whose investments have produced good returns and grown in value.


OBX INVESTMENT TODAY is more complex than years ago!
Lilias applies stringent criteria to selecting properties for each investment. Beach property investment begins with dreams and the call of the ocean but nowadays, to maintain such aspiration, hard analysis has to be applied !


FACTORS affecting value, budget and financing, operating costs and income are the basis of any quest. With the right decision, property investors can relax and enjoy the ocean, the beach and the natural beauty of the Outer Banks.